"We had a trailer stolen and needed security. But I wanted something very artsy. I wanted a gate that was kinda wild and Derek helped me come up with the perfect design.  I love it! "


The Young's

​“I wanted a cowboy themed gate.  Derek designed this cowboy family on the fence gate and when I saw it, I knew that was the one!”


​“My wife saw this gate picture and wondered if you could build something like this?  Thank you,, it came out beautifully”

H. Cox

​“Derek replaced our operator and then I asked if he could fix our lights, and he also built a keypad post of wrught iron vines.  We love it!”



​“I wanted something not too fancy, but nice.  Derek combined a little scrolling in an arch gate that was perfect!


​“I love my garden gate and archway.  There is not another like it.  Derek was so sweet and helpful, if you know what I mean!


​“Hey bud, can you come fix my gate?  thanks a lot, you're ok in my book!

Jim Evans

​“I love my cutting horse gate!  You are just so creative. My neighbor had a plain gate built for twice the money and it is really not much!  Thank you for all your hard work!




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1610 N. County Line Rd. E., Ft. Gibson, Ok 74434