What We Do

the intersection of art and security


Our gates are made of steel or aluminum.  We use 14 gauge on non structural components and 11 gauge - 1/4" thick for hinge mounting and bottom rails.  We provide structure for attaching automatic operators.

Our gates are raw steel as shippings tends to destroy any painted surfaces. We suggest DTM alkyd base or epoxy from your local Sherwin Williams Store.

Max width needs to be 13' or use two swing gates, as the weight gets to be a problem for longer applications.

Square, Dome Top, Arched or Crazy artsy, we will build what you want.

We utilize plasma, laser or water-jet cutting for panels or pieces. We also make more contemporary ornamental design.

Pintrest has aided the increase of garden gate ideas.  The sky is the limit.  Drawing such gates is difficult so we best go off of your design. Most gates will be 30 - 75 lbs. unless you go large.  Send us your ideas and we can get started.

Garden Gates
Signs, Railings, Furniture

Wow!  This is the crazy part, the fun stuff!  Send us you  ideas or pictures and we can get an estimate out to you. We will need dimensions and type of attachment materials ( wood posts, metal, etc).

We utilize mig welding, aluminum welding, wrought iron work, plasma, water-jet, or laser.  We use square or round tubing benders to create any design. For ornamental ideas, you might go to                                                                           http://www.kingmetals.com


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